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Hormone Optimization

Growing older and experiencing the effects of aging is a natural occurrence. The internal functions of the body become less efficient, and the physical operations of the body become more  vulnerable to daily wear and tear creating a general decline in our physical abilities and mental functions.

When it was discovered that poor health and aging were connected to hormone imbalances and deficiencies, it wasn’t too long after that hormone replacement therapy (HRT) was introduced. Hormones are a means of communication between different parts of the body, they help these parts work in a coordinated and organized way. As the function of this system declines over time, hormone imbalances and hormone deficiencies take place. Menopause, andropause (male menopause), hypogonadism (low testosterone), as well as growth hormone, thyroid and adrenal disorders are some of the most common issues as a result of this decline.

Men and women over the age of thirty are likely to be experiencing low hormone levels or a hormone imbalance. When hormone levels decrease they lead to both physical and emotional changes. Some of these symptoms you might see include low energy levels, difficulty losing weight, difficulty increasing lean muscle tissue, mood swings, insomnia, hair loss/hair thinning, increased depression, and increased anxiety.


What is Bio-Identical Hormone Optimization?

Bio-Identical Hormone Optimization is often referred to as “natural” because the types of hormones used for hormone replacement are said to be chemically identical to those produced naturally by the human body, making them more compatible with the body.  This allows the body to respond naturally and lessens the chance of unwanted side effects. The symptoms of  low hormone levels or a hormone imbalance can vary for men and women, you can see some of the most common for each listed below. 

​Women May Experience:

  • Aging skin
  • Bone density loss
  • Dry/painful intercourse
  • Emotional reactivity and sensitivity
  • Depression
  • Frequent night urination
  • Hair thinning
  • Hot flashes/night sweats/day sweats
  • Fatigue
  • Insomnia
  • Loss of libido
  • Loss of vitality
  • Weight gain unresponsive to diet and exercise
  • Nervousness/Anxiety

Men May Experience:

  • Loss of motivation/Lacking vitality
  • Loss of assertiveness/ Increased need for sleep
  • Loss of erections
  • Reduced physical stamina
  • Weight gain unresponsive to diet and exercise
  • Loss of muscle mass/ Inability to lose weight
  • Nervousness/ Anxiety / Irritability
  • Breast Development
  • Joint Pain
  • Hair Loss
  • Declining Mental Ability
  • Decreased ability to perform sexually
  • Loss of morning erections

Benefits of Hormone Optimization

 Aging can be one of the most frustrating things in life.  The simple life tasks become a little more difficult and the typical difficult tasks become impossible; getting out of bed, making breakfast, doing the laundry, wanting to go to the job you enjoy, and exercising are just to name a few. Hormones can become imbalanced for all sorts of reasons. From stress to lack of sleep, poor lifestyle choices, to poor nutrition and sometimes unfortunately genetics. With today’s hormone replacement therapy options, restoring hormonal balance can not only relieve these symptoms, but modern research indicates that it can also slow down the aging process and, most importantly prevent the occurrence of common diseases, such as cardiovascular disease, the number one killer of both men and women.


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