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Vitamin Therapy

We have the most competitive pricing in the twin cities area!

Vitamin therapy is a method of administering vitamins, minerals, amino acids and antioxidants into the bloodstream to maximum potency and provide notable results. With vitamin therapy you are able to receive much higher quantities of nutrients than would be possible via oral supplements or injections. The resulting benefits include: improved energy, increased metabolism, mental clarity, immune support and much more. 

**We also have 5 pack and 10 pack bundle deals for even better savings!

Booster Shot

Need a boost of energy? A little help to boost your metabolism? Or maybe a boost in your immune system? Well, we’ve got a booster shot for you! From vitamin B12 to our Skinny B complex and everything in between – Booster shots are a fast and effective way to deliver a concentrated dose of vitamins to your body and are a great addition to your everyday routine.

Hyperbaric Oxygen Chamber Therapy

HBOT is used to aid in the treatment of several medical conditions and most anyone can use the chamber and benefit immensely from it. For example, our chamber is large enough that a parent and child can go in at the same time, allowing for a child with autism to receive HBOT! 

**We also have 5 pack and 10 pack bundle deals for even better savings!

Extensive Bloodwork / Lab Testing

We are proud to offer such an extensive blood panel at such an affordable price point. Each client who comes in to get their blood drawn will receive their results back from our lab in as little as 48-72 hours. Based on your blood work we are able to create a customized plan to help ensure you’re feeling your best and firing on all cylinders.

Hormone Optimization Therapy
(Men & Women)