Meet Our Team

Jake Berg (Co-Owner/Clinic Director)

Mr. Berg originally from Grand Island, NE moved to Lakeville, MN in the second grade and has built a foundation there ever since. He found himself hooked on the fitness /health world ever since he can remember and then found himself addicted to helping others achieve a higher quality of life after opening his nutritional supplement Store, Total Nutrition in Lakeville, MN. Four Years later here we are and he intends to help many many more on even a bigger platform.

His Inspiration comes from his parents, his father who has suffered from major strokes and his mother who deals with fibromyalgia (a chronic disorder) on a day to day basis. Being limited in a supplement store is no longer an issue for him as his well selected team and partners will give patients with issues just like his parents a chance at improved Quality of Life.

Dan Anderson (Co-Owner/Clinic Consultant)

Mr. Anderson was born and raised in Minnesota.  He graduated High School from Brooklyn Center High School and later attended Metro State University where he received a degree in Law Enforcement. After serving as a police officer for 14 years, Dan was medically retired in 2015. After his retirement he chose to dive deeper into his passion for health, fitness and helping others Excel so he opened his own Crossfit Gym in Lakeville, MN.  Motivating and pushing others to be their best quickly became a daily habit as well as an addiction.

Dan’s desire to medically help others comes from his own medical struggles.  Being a patient of HRT (hormone replacement therapy) for about 10 years has been nothing short of a roller coaster ride. After years of being misdiagnosed and straining focus where it wasn’t needed he slowly became an advocate for himself. Between his countless conversations with Jake, Domenic Iacovone, and his own extensive research to confirm what he had learned he knew the medical world needed to evolve.

Due to incorrectly monitoring his hormone levels several medications became a “necessity” to his life style. Within months of using the new, updated, and innovative ways in the Anti-Aging world Dan found himself the happiest and healthiest he’s been in his 10 years of being on HRT. As of today, he’s now free of seven once “needed” prescribed medications. No more “cure a problem to cause a problem” for Dan and he can’t wait to share this company moral with the rest of our patients.

Frederick Ott, MD (Medical Director)

Originally, Dr. Ott graduated from the University of Minnesota with a BS in Pharmacy and worked as a pharmacist for 14 years before returning to school to become a doctor.  Attended the University of Minnesota Medical School for 4 years.  Did a 5-year residency in Radiology and then a one-year fellowship in Neuroradiology at the University of Minnesota.  Has been staff at the University of Minnesota/ M Health for 13 years. He was voted one of the 2017 Best Doctors in Minnesota in a poll conducted by the Minnesota Monthly Magazine. He has always had an interest in Anti-Aging Medicine and has received certificates in Aesthetic Medicine and Ant-Aging Medicine.